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Eastern Park Invest Limited offers a variety of medical goods for support, rehabilitation, and comfort for our OEM and ODM customers.

Our advantages as OEM:

  • location of the factory in the European Union;
  • certification and quality control according to international standards and requirements: ISO 9001, ISO 13485, CE marking;
  • guarantee of the highest quality standards: all products are made in EU, and certified;
  • all-in-one service from the concept to a new product, industrial design and artworks;
  • short manufacturing and delivery terms;
  • best price/quality correlation and optimal payment conditions;
  • flexible minimum order quantity;
  • best logistics solutions;
  • opportunity of door-to-door delivery in smaller quantities;
  • quick response to the customer needs;
  • wide range of articles that can be used immediately for any OEM products;
  • innovative breathable materials;
  • different variants of package – boxes, bags, blisters;
  • manufacture of semi-finished products: binding bands, belts, trimming, etc.

The experience in other markets proves that our OEM customers can grab significant market share, have better margins, easier promote their own brands and have more influence on the other suppliers. As a representative of the original manufacturer, we are also more flexible and reasonable in pricing.

About us

After having 14 years of experience in the medical industry as well as significant practice in the international market of medical products, we developed a strong impulse to create a professional and exclusive quality range of medical supports and bandages for orthopedics, gynecology, rehabilitation, sport and home use. As a result of our joint cooperation with medical practitioners, engineers and businessmen, we have created a thoroughly verified assortment of medical goods under Eastern Park® brand. The Eastern Park’s brand portfolio includes in-demand bandages as well as bandages with special purposes. Its current line of bandages is constantly being tested and improved based on the recommendations of leading experts. Our production is based on most recent studies performed by leading experts in the fields of orthopedics, traumatology, gynecology, physical therapy and rehabilitation. The best quality, design and affordable price make Eastern Park products competitive in any market. Eastern Park’s range of medical goods delivers complex propositions to hospitals and pharmacies, and it proves to be a success in the mass market: internet shops, supermarkets, and other sales channels.


The bandage production factory, Technomedica Llc., is located in Ukraine. The factory specializes in the manufacturing of medical goods for support, rehabilitation, and comfort. Technomedica is equipped with modern equipment from a well-known Swiss company JAKOB MÜLLER A.G. Cyclical turnaround is integrated into the process flowsheet, including all stages from drafting and raw materials manufacturing to the output of the finished products. The quality is inspected at every stage of the manufacturing process. 100% of the finished products go through a final stage of quality control according to the pre-production samples. Technomedica implements the Quality Management System and conforms to the international standard protocols ISO 9001:2008, Certification ISO 13485:2003. The manufacturing process is further certified with the European standards – Conformite Europeene (CE).